About/FAQs: Dane Wells, Artist & Gallerist

How old are you? Where are you from originally?
31 years old. Los Angeles, CA

What mediums do you use?
Typically Golden Heavy Body acrylic paints on professional level canvas (heavy weight cotton duck; archival quality; acid-free titanium acrylic gesso primed; 1.5” to 3.5" wood frame profile; professional frame construction with kiln-dried, beveled stretcher bars).

What is your intention and inspiration behind the paintings?
I love painting because it serves as a rewarding practical meditation for me. Painting enables me to express myself creatively throughout points of time in an archival fashion. Ultimately, though, the paintings are for the public to appreciate and assign more meaning. I create unique paintings that I feel are inspiring and thought-provoking to myself and others. My paintings are colorful abstract works based in design elements with an intention to captivate, mesmerize, and uplift.

I work in many different styles of abstraction, such as geometric abstraction, abstract pointillism, and abstract expressionism. Each of these styles fall under the category of art which I consider contemporary abstract design. These styles similarly represent my artistic philosophies while manifesting in diverse creative expressions.

More pointedly, I strive to paint designs that appear to be moving subtly when people look at them and also in which people can see various imagery. I play on the psychological concepts of pareidolia, apophenia, and the perception of optical illusory qualities through shape, contrast, and spatial relationships. The subjectivity of perception in art fascinates me, as does the practice of creating paintings from an intuitive source of mind, body, and soul connectivity. Overall, though, I really enjoy painting and feel grateful to be able to explore, experiment, and grow through the art. Learning about and seeing the ways that the vibrant paintings can positively impact and bring people together is another source of my intention and inspiration for investing energy into the art.

Where/how did you learn how to paint?

I consider myself a self-taught artist. I learned how to paint in a professional and archival manner through years of practice and research.

How long have you been painting?

I’ve been painting recreationally since I was a kid in elementary school, but started sharing my works with the public and painting more professionally in 2016.

How long does it take you to finish a painting?

Many of the paintings take approximately two to six weeks to complete, start to finish. However, the time it takes to complete a painting can really vary between pieces. Occasionally I have works in progress for more than a year or as short as a few days. A few time determining factors can include the size of the painting, techniques utilized, and how many hours I spend working on it per day.

Do you do commissions? Can you make me a custom painting?
Commissions are not my focus these days, but I'm open to creating larger custom works. If you have an idea in mind which you think I’d be the best person to execute, please contact me using the form below.
Do you want to show your work at [insert gallery/venue]? I’m always looking for ways to get my art out to the public (more people) and collectors in particular! I offer domestic and international gallery exhibitions (solo and group) as well as gallery consignment of paintings. Please contact me with inquiries using the form below.
If you have any questions, concerns, or would like additional information, please write directly to me by completing and submitting the form below. I appreciate your interest and will respond within a timely manner.

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